A. Start of the Game
  1. A coin flip will give the winner the option to start with possession OR select defense and direction. Possession and direction will be reversed to start the second half.
  2. Game Time is Forfeit Time - NO GRACE PERIOD.
  3. Offensive drives begin on the offense's ten yard line.
  4. Teams must have two players to start a game.
  5. Players must be on a team's roster to play unless otherwise agreed upon by team captains.
 B. First Downs
  1. Reaching or crossing the midfield line in 3 downs or less generates a first down.
  2. Defensive penalties result in a first down for the opposing team.

 C. Timing of the Game/Time Outs

  1. Games will consist of two 12-minute halves (running clock).
  2. The clock will stop for time-outs, injuries, and halftime.
  3. Teams will be allowed one time-out per half in season play.
  4. In tournament play, teams will be allowed one time-out per game.
  5. Teams will be allowed 10 seconds to run a play after the ball is set by the official(s).
  6. Teams will receive a one minute warning during the first and second halves.
  7. If a team is within eight points at the one minute warning of the second half, the clock will stop on the following: incomplete passes, out-of-bounds, and offensive penalties.

 D. Overtime

  1. The winner of the coin flip can choose possession or defense and direction.
  2. Teams will have a choice of a one or two point conversion (one play only).
  3. The defending team will then have a chance to attempt a one or two point conversion.
  4. Possession will alternate until a winner is decided.

 E. Scoring

  1. Touchdowns are worth 6 points.
  2. Safeties are worth 2 points and give possession to the defending team.
  3. Conversions from the five yard line are worth one point.
  4. Conversions from the ten yard line are worth two points.
  5. When a touchdown is scored, the offense must declare whether they choose to try a one or two point conversion prior to the attempt.
  6. Interceptions returned for a touchdown on a conversion attempt are worth two points.

 F. Contact

  1. This is a non-contact game.
  2. Blocking is not permitted.
  3. Bump and run defense is not permitted. 

 G. Tackling/Flag Guarding

  1. A legal tackle takes place when a defender removes one or more of the ball carrier’s flags without committing a holding penalty.
  2. If a flag is missing from the ball carrier, he will be ruled down when touched by a defender.
  3. Holding will be called when the referee determines that a defender grasps and holds an offensive player to impede his progress.
  4. Holding will not be called when a defender grasps a ball carrier's shorts if the ball carrier has pockets.
  5. Flag guarding is the act of the ball carrier using his/her hand(s) or arm(s) to prevent a defender from pulling his/her flag. The ball carrier will be marked down at the point of the infraction and penalized five yards.
  6. Last Man to Beat - If a ball carrier is pushed, tackled, or held by the last defender between the ball carrier and endzone to prevent a score, a score will be awarded to the offense and an unsportsmanlike penalty will be assessed to the defender.

 H. Change of Possession/Fumbles

  1. All drives and change of possession start at the ten yard line except for interceptions.
  2. When an interception takes place, the ball will be spotted at the point in which the "interceptor” is marked down.
  3. Plays are ruled dead when the ball hits the ground - all fumbles are marked down where the ball lands.

 I. Penalties

  1. Offside, illegal procedure, too many men, delay of game, diving, etc. are all five yard penalties.
  2. With two minutes or less remaining in the half/game, a delay of game penalty will result in a loss of down in addition to the five yards.
  3. Pass interference, unsportsmanlike conduct (taunting), and blocking are ten yard penalties.
  4. Defensive penalties (except for holding) result in a first down.
  5. Offensive penalties (except for dead-ball fouls) result in a loss of down.
  6. Excessive roughness, excessive taunting, fighting, and verbal abuse are considered flagrant penalties and may result in your dismissal from the game and/or tournament.
  7. Players can be ejected at any time, for any reason.
  8. Players can be suspended from the league at any time, for any reason, with the length of suspension up to the league's discretion.
  9. FIGHTING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Fighting will lead to suspension and can result in police intervention.

 J. Miscellaneous Game Regulations

  1. No running plays allowed.
  2. No diving by the ball carrier is allowed and will result in a 5 yard penalty from where the dive was initiated.
  3. FLAGS ESTABLISH FORWARD PROGRESS - NOT THE BALL. Flags must cross the endzone plane for scores to occur and must pass the midfield line for a first down.
  4. The quarterback cannot run past the line of scrimmage while carrying the ball (play will be blown dead).
  5. The defender(s) rushing the quarterback must be at least five yards from the line of scrimmage.
  6. The center must snap the ball between the legs.
  7. All players are eligible receivers.
  8. Clothing must be tucked underneath your flags.
  9. One foot in bounds and possession of the ball constitutes a catch.
  10. The offensive team will be responsible for returning the ball to the line of scrimmage after every play.
  11. Only one player may be in motion at a time, but NOT toward the line of scrimmage.
  12. Substitutions will be allowed between plays.
  13. Teams are responsible for their fans.
  14. Visible cuts and blood must be addressed before a player can return to play.
  15. Metal cleats are not allowed.
  16. The captain is the spokesperson for the team - fans, coaches, and other players shall not speak for the team to officials.
  17. No stripping of the football is allowed. Penalty is five (5) yards from the point of infraction and an automatic first down.
  18. Forward passes must be completed beyond the line of scrimmage.
  19. Hitting the quarterback's arm in the throwing motion is a ten yard penalty and automatic first down.

Thanks to Roswell's Hike it and Spike It for forming the basis of these rules.

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